Craftsmanship derived from experience and skills

We will work closely with you through professional consultation to select suitable materials and forms. AVEC’s designers have also optimized your vision so that it has the performance, style and durability they want to suit your target audience. Starting from a simple sketch on paper, each product is forged to turn your vision into reality. With our help, we can find a design that does not exceed your budget and achieves your goals.
Engaging Customization Services

Our design guides you through every step, from optimizing your concept to building your product based on your design. Provide professional insights and suggestions on all aspects of your ideas and eliminate possible flaws in your design. Your material, product structure and color style will all be considered and discussed when we pass your concept. At the end of the process, we can present you with an exquisite design that can achieve your goals.
Business-Oriented Fast Prototyping Services

Bringing your product concept into reality requires meticulous improvement of the initial sketch and multiple tests of the feasibility of the structure. Merely providing a sketch or 3D model of the design is not enough, because some aspects may be overlooked. The AVEC free prototype helps bridge the gap between concept and reality by showing you the result of the final sketch.Through our comprehensive prototyping service, we refine your initial concept into a product that suits your goals.
Custom packaging

We can design packagings due to customers' customise request as well.
Quality Control

we have serious and responsible QC team who will do inspection in the production, before packaging , after complete packaging for all clients;

Our spacious showroom displays various customized products and shows their compatibility with different sports. Draw inspiration from our design evolution through the ever-increasing customization options. If you want to visit our showroom, we can reserve a place for you so that you can experience our product selection for yourself.
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